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Throwback Thursday – Buddy

Meet Buddy, the star of this week’s throwback Thursday.

Chocolate Dapple and Cream Long Haired Miniature Dachshund, Buddy, is 1 year and two months old, and first met mum Laura when he was just 5 weeks old.

We asked mum Laura a few questions to find out more about Buddy and how he came to be a part of her family.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Throwback Thursday - BuddyWhy this breed?

‘I think it was the film ‘Toy Story’ that first stemmed my love for dachshunds/sausage dogs. From the moment I saw the film, I was set. When the time was right, I would get my own little slinky. They also are just so full of character they are basically little humans in dogs’ bodies.

We also have his double in the family. My mother fell so in love with Buddy, she got her own female version called Stella. When Buddy and Stella get together, they are the best of friends.

Where did you get Buddy from?

‘He came from the most amazing, loving, breeder up north. Still to this day, we message and call the breeder. We also travel up and see her and Buddy’s mummy whenever we get the time for family reunions.’

Tell us more about Buddy –

‘Buddy has always looked different to most dachshunds. Some people have no idea that they come in different coat types or colours, so whenever people meet him, they often question what type of dog he is. When he was a puppy lots of people used to think he was a spaniel mix, but he is a pure-bred KC dachshund.’

‘He was used in 3 television shows when he was little one being the opening credits for BBC2’s ‘10PuppiesAndUs’.

Buddy is also quite a little star on Instagram with just under 14k followers where people have watched him growing up and check in to see what he does on a daily basis. You can follow him here @buddythedappleddachshund.

We are always on the lookout for handsome hounds and pretty pooches to feature in our #ThrowbackThursday blogs. If you would like to get involved, email us at Hello@Buddies.co.uk.

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