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Buddies Throwback Thursday - Anastasia

Throwback Thursday – Anastasia

Meet Anastasia, the star of this week’s throwback Thursday.

7-month-old Anastasia lives with her mummies Charlotte and Ellie in the Midlands.

Little Annastasia has been with her mum’s since she was just 4 months old.

The facts –

Breed – Dollface Persian
Fur coat – Dilute Tortie bi colour with Cream
Breeding line – Mitzybelle Persians
Birth Name – Citylicious

Anastasia’s birth mum (dam) has a Cream and White fur coat and her dad (sire) has a High White Tortie fur coat – this is rare for a male Persian as it is more common for the female to have a Torite fur coat. This is where Anastasia gets her distinctive markings on her coat.

‘Anastasia has a Tortie body with a White undercoat and paws and flashes of Cream throughout her coat. Her most distinctive markings on her coat are the cream flashes on her forehead, back of her right ear, Top of her back left leg and tip of her tail. This is what really makes Anastasia stand out from most Persian cats as she has a coat of many colours like Dolly Parton would say.’

‘Anastasia parents have been entered into many supreme cat shows and she comes from a family tree of 5 generations. We decided to rename her Anastasia Gorgeous because we felt she needed a grand name to compliment her sassy/ mischievous personality. ‘Says mum Charlotte.

The Character –

Anastasia loves to play on how cute she is to get her own way; especially when it comes to food; In the morning when she wants her breakfast she will jump on top of bed to you and come right up to your face and lick it until you wake up and then guide you downstairs to her bowl for her breakfast.

As Anastasia is a house cat, she is only allowed in the garden when supervised, so at present she hasn’t caught any live prey yet but she does have a great imagination.
‘She loves to pretend that socks are live prey and bring them to us as presents. She will meow and meow to get your attention that she has caught the ‘live prey’ aka sock and then loves when you continuously congratulate and stroke her after – you can see on her face she is clearly proud of herself.’ Adds Charlotte.

Little Anastasia also has her own dedicated Instagram page. Follow her for more adorable pics of Anastasia and her beautiful mums. – @AnastasiaPersian.

We are always on the lookout for #FriendsOfBuddies to feature in our posts. If you have a dog or cat, and would like to share their throwback photos, please email Becks @ Hello@Buddies.co.uk.

Buddies Throwback Thursday - Anastasia

Buddies Throwback Thursday - Anastasia

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