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You may have recently seen the fantastic news that electric collars which give a shock to pets are to be banned in the UK.

The remote-controlled collars are used as training devices and can be also be activated by the dog’s bark. These devices can spray chemicals or send an electric pulse of varied strength direct to the unsuspecting animal.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Shock CollarsAlthough the Department for environment, food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) had previously suggested there was insufficient evidence to support a ban, Environment secretary Michael Gove confirmed that shock collars which ‘cause harm and suffering to our pets’ are to be banned. Gove went on to say ‘this ban will improve the welfare of Animals and I urge pet owners to instead use positive reward training methods’.

This announcement is welcomed by Buddies and many other businesses and organisations such as British Veterinary Association, RSPCA and Dogs Trust.

There are now calls to introduce a ban or a stricter code of practice as well as controlled sales on containment fences. These use e-collars which are triggered by a fence instead of a person, to keep animals within a certain perimeter.

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