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Saint George’s Day

It’s St George’s Day, and to celebrate, we asked the Buddies team to tell us which of the fabulous Engligh dog breeds is their favourite  and why.

Gemma – ‘Definitely Jack Russell’s and Cavalier King Charles for me! I have to say Jack Russell’s, simply because my dog Mollie is crossed with one and I think all the best parts of her personality come from the Jack Russell in her. Our dog before Mollie was Christopher, a King Charles. He was a gentle little soul, very fat, lazy and odd as he was rehomed but still lovely! He hated toys, barked maybe 5 times the few years we had with him and just adored food and cuddles.’

Kirsty – ‘For me it would be an Old English Sheep dog. they remind me of my dad as he was a painter & decorator and they advertised Dulux paint.’

Abbie – ‘I’d have to say Beagle’s. my first dogs were Beagles though so I’m a tad biased.’

Kerry – ‘I like Pointers, gorgeous, energetic and fun loving with lovely cute faces. I’ve always really liked them. I also love Border Collies. Too many to choose from!’

Avi – ‘Norfolk Terriers! I want one.’

Colette – ‘Border Collie-I had a Border Collie called Biscuit when I was a teenager and she was the naughtiest dog I’ve ever met…I loved her!!’

Becks – ‘Bloodhound’s are my favourite. As a kid I loved the Disney film ‘The Fox and the Hound’ and was obsessed with one of the main characters, who was a Bloodhound named Copper. Even now, this is still my go to Sunday afternoon film, and I would love a Bloodhound brother for Elvis.’

Emma – ‘For me it would be English Cocker Spaniel or Border Terrier. I love the English Cocker Spaniel’s because I had one about 20 years ago. My 1st dog belonging to my mum and I and he was lovely, very loving and daft as a brush. The Border terrier is breed of dog we are looking to get soon. Small but sturdy and energetic enough to keep with my boys.’

What is your favourite English breed?




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