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Pet Statistics

We recently received a super interesting bit of research from our friends over at ‘Pet Subjects’. They carried out an online survey among pet owners with over 21,000 people taking part.

We have picked out a few of the most surprising and interesting statistics to share with you and also asked the Buddies team for their thoughts.

69% of owners let their pet(s) sleep in their bed

Overall, the majority of the Buddies team were surprised by this figure and thought it would be lower. However, the more we discussed this, the amount of team members that admitted they let their dog sleep on the bed grew. We get it, puppies are super warm and cuddly and it’s so hard to say ‘no’ to their cute little faces.

‘I had Mac on our bed last night for a cuddle to try and make him sleepy before I put him in his crate. I woke up in the middle of the night to find him cuddled up to me. I’d nodded off before him and he looked so comfy. I felt too guilty to move him to his crate. I know tonight I’m not going to have the heart to put him in his crate.’ Says team member Gemma.

31% of owners carry a picture of their pet in their purse/wallet

A few of the Buddies team are guilty of this. Both Gemma and Becks carry a photo of their pooch in their purse rather than one of their partners. Similarly, all pet owners in the office had a photo of their pet set to their home or lock screens on their phone.

Who are you most likely to buy a treat for

Partner 23%

Children 20%

Dog 31%

The Buddies team could not agree more. We are all guilty of picking up treats for the office dogs when out and about. New babies and grand children seem to be the only competitors anywhere near our fur-babies.

16% of owners own a GPS pet tracker (46% plan to buy one)

This surprised the Buddies team, as the majority of us thought this would be a slightly lower percentage. Our office is filled with animal lovers, yet none of us own, or have thought about purchasing a GPS tracker.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Pet Statistics60% of owners go on holiday with their dog

This is around the figure we expected but we wish it was higher. Dog friendly accommodation can be found throughout the UK and Europe, and there are more and more dog friendly eateries and venues opening regularly. We think mini-breaks with your entire family (fur-baby included) should be on everyone’s to-do list.

95% of owners think that having pets in the workplace is a positive thing

Hmmm, now I wonder what the Buddies team had to say about this one. Of course we agree! If anything, we are surprised the percentage isn’t higher. As a dog friendly office, we know that having pets in the workplace is a positive thing, not just for the staff, but for the pets too.


Have any of these statistics surprised you? You can view the entire ‘Pet subjects – Pet Census’ online here.

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