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Pampered Pooch

Most dog owners will have their pooch professionally groomed at various intervals throughout the year. In this blog we look at the importance of home grooming to maintain a healthy coat and a happy, stink free pup.

You may have heard that regularly bathing your dog is bad for their skin and coat, however veterinary dermatologists have recently said that weekly bathing is perfectly fine for your dog.

Here are our tips on how to make the grooming process as stress free and effective as possible.

Pamper Products –  Know your products. There are hundreds of pet shampoo’s on the market. To avoid skin irritation, it may be an idea to chat to your groomer about the best products to suit your dogs needs. Your professional groomer will not only be knowledgeable about the products available, but also know your dogs coat and skin type, and the type of product that will work for them.

Environment – Run the bath before bringing your dog into the bathroom as the sound of rushing water may cause them distress. It may be a good idea to have the radio on low in the room to help keep them calm. Make sure the bath temperature is not too hot and do not fill it above knee height. Longhaired dogs may require a quick brush before bathing, as matted hair holds the water making it difficult to dry and then brush post bath.

Bathing – Some dogs love it, some dogs hate it. Either way, it is important to keep your dog safe and as stress free as possible. Our top tip is to place a towel in the bottom of the bath to prevent your pup slipping. Buddies team member Becks also recommends popping a small amount of peanut butter on the tiles to keep your dog entertained and distracted whiles bathing.

Drying – The two-towel trick! The first towel should be draped over your pup as soon as they leave the bath tub. This towel is the anti-shake towel to prevent them soaking your entire bathroom and anyone close by. The second towel is the drying towel. Start with the legs and tail then work your way to the body. Office dog Elvis, loves the hair dryer, and once towel dried, will strut over to the spare room and wait for his blow dry. Remember to keep the hairdryer on a low heat and move across the body evenly, being careful not to focus on the same part of the body for too long.

Brushing – Brushing your dogs fur helps to distribute natural oils throughout the coat, as well as preventing matts and reducing the amount of hair on your furniture. A pin brush is a good choice for long-haired breeds, because its bent-wire bristles grip the undercoat and remove loose hairs without causing pain. It can also get down to the skin. Start close to the skin and brush away from it. Use a comb to tease out any mats. A metal comb is best suited for breeds with short and wiry hair.

If you have any hints and tips for home grooming your pampered pooch, we would love to hear them. Comment on one of our social media pages, or email Hello@Buddies.co.uk.

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