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Office Dog Party

You may have seen, that last month, the Buddies team took part in ‘National Bring Your Dog To Work Day’.

Buddies Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2018As the Buddies office is dog friendly every day, we wanted to step up our game in order to raise money for ‘All Dogs Matter’. So, instead of having our usual 1 or 2 dogs in the office, we decided to host a dog party, and invited all of our office dogs to attend.

Office dogs Elvis, Buddy, Rudi, Poppy, Rascal & Willow all turned up to celebrate.

While many of the staff were a little apprehensive about having so many dogs in the office at one time (as well as one very excited toddler), we could not have asked for better behaviour.

All dogs played beautifully together, shared toys and even shared treats and cakes.

We filled the office with balloons, toys and even made dog friendly cupcakes.

Stress levels amongst the staff were at an all time low (however, the level of productivity may have been too).

Office dog Elvis’ mama Becks was particularly worried, as Elvis is by far our most nervous dog. Socialising with the other dogs, who seemed to know both how to encourage him and give him space where needed, worked wonders for Little Elv. So much so that he turned into ‘Elvis The Brave’ for the rest of the weekend and got himself in to all kinds of mischief.

All dogs had a great time and were well and truly pooped. Office dog Willow slept for the entire hour-long journey home and took herself straight to bed after dinner.

Yorkshire Terriers Poppy and Rascal did a great job helping us clear up the office, ensuring that no balloon was left un-popped.

We encourage all businesses to take part next year. The Buddies team are already talking about ways we can go bigger and better next year.

You can still donate to the chosen charity ‘All Dogs Matter’ here.

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