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Meet Serge

Meet Serge, the latest addition to the office dog clan.

9-week-old Jack Russell cross Yorkshire Terrier is little brother to our laziest office dog Elvis.

Serge has been with Buddies team member Becks and her partner Matt for just over a week now and is settling in well.

Meet Serge - Buddies Pet Insurance Office DogAs you may know, Elvis is by far our most anxious office dog, and we hope that the addition of a brave little brother will encourage Elvis to be a little less apprehensive of people.

We asked Becks to tell us more about her adorable new fur-baby.

Why did you choose the name Serge?

‘Elvis obviously has a musical name, so we wanted to choose another name to fit the theme. It was a close call between Cash (after Johnny Cash) and Serge. We are both huge Kasabian fans so decided to name puppy after Kasabian band member Sergio Pizzorno.’

Why this breed?

‘We wanted a fairly small breed as our home isn’t huge and we also spend a fair few weekends in small tents by fishing lakes. Matt grew up with a Yorkshire Terrier and is fond of the breed. Whilst researching, we came across a breeder in Kibworth, Leicestershire, who had a littler of Jorkies and we fell in love.’

Meet Serge - Buddies Pet Insurance Office DogSerge’ 5 Facts –

  • Serge was the only male in his litter and the smallest too. His sisters all have brown bodies with black ears, whilst Serge has a black body, brown legs and a bright white tummy.
  • Serge has his own bedroom. Dad Matt converted the cupboard under the stairs by removing the door and replacing with a baby gate. Serge now has his own space with huge bed, cuddly toys and even a furry rug.
  • He may be small, but he has a huge attitude. If dad Matt tells him off, Serge always has to have the last word and will howl back at dad.
  • Serge is so tiny that there have been a few times Becks and Matt have ‘Lost’ him, only to find him inside Elvis’ toy box with the cuddly toys.
  • Serge loves his big brother. He wants to be near him at all times, and if Elv isn’t in sight, he will cry until Elv comes to check on him.

Once old enough, Serge will join his big brother Elv on the office dog rota. We will be sure to keep you update on Serge and Elv’s progress, but for now, here are some photos of our littlest office dog.

Meet Serge - Buddies Pet Insurance Office DogMeet Serge - Buddies Pet Insurance Office DogMeet Serge - Buddies Pet Insurance Office Dog

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