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In The Dog House

We recently came across the story of Micheal McGowan, from Glasgow, and his adorable Westie Molly. Molly’s world was about to change, as the McGowan family were soon to welcome a baby to the home.

Michael wanted to ensure Molly had her own space and where she could retreat and relax when baby arrived, so he decided to make ‘Molly’s room’.

Michael converted a previously unused under stairs space in to a bedroom for Molly, complete with mini sofa, Dog print wall paper, mood lighting, framed artwork and super soft rug!

This inspired the Buddies team to investigate pet based interior design options.

Doggy sofas – some pet owners do not allow their furry friends up on the sofa. Pet product companies have found a way to ensure your dog gets the optimum comfort, without taking up valuable space on the family sofa. We found a fabulous handmade crushed velvet dog sofa with an option for electric heating from ‘Doggy Style Boudoir’ on Etsy. While this is quite a bit more expensive than your standard dog bed at £200, Your pampered pooch would appreciate the luxury.

Wet Rooms – We found that pet wet rooms / adapted utility rooms are a growing trend. For our friends across the pond, dog wash stations within their utility rooms are proving super popular. This gives dog owners the chance to rinse their muddy pooches before entering the home.

Dogroom – Forget bedrooms, dogrooms are all the rage at the minute. In most UK homes, the under stairs space is often too small to store the majority of your household cleaning devices, so why not convert this space into a dogroom like Michael did. This can me as simple or as extravagant as you like. Buddies team member Becks converted her under stairs space for Office dog Elvis. She simply added a baby gate to the opening, popped his bed, toybox and water bowl in there, and Elv was happy as Larry! He now has his own space to retreat if he wants some quiet time.

Dog House  – For those truly pampered pooches, we spotted an impressive outdoor wooden dog house complete with veranda from ManoMano.

If you have adapted your home to make it more dog friendly, we would love to know more. Simply tag us in your photo’s on social media or email us at Hello@Buddies.co.uk.

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