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Homemade Dog Toys

Dog Toys can be pretty expensive, and if your dog is anything like a few of our office dogs, new toys do well to last a week.

In this blog we take a look at 5 cheap cheerful ideas for homemade dog toys.

  1. Bottle Toy

This has proven to be a firm favourite with many of our office puppies. Many of you will have an old water bottle hiding somewhere in your car or in the depths of your gym bag. Grab one of these old empty bottles and one of those pesky odd socks. Pop the bottle inside the sock and tie a knot in the top to prevent it falling out. Bobs your uncle, free toy and hours of fun.

  1. Toss toy

Next time you have a wardrobe clear out, keep hold of a t-shirt. Cut the shirt into three strips then tie each strip together using a knot at the top. Plait the strips down to the bottom and tie. You can add as many strands to this as you like. To add to this, before tying, slide on a tennis ball with a hole drilled through. Then tie the knot at the end. Your dog can then use this as a chew, tug or toss toy.

  1. Pipe feeder toy

Grab some PVC piping from your nearest hardware store or friendly local plumber. Drill various sized holes in the pipe, then add the cap to one of the ends. You can then drop in some treats and pop the remaining end cap on. This enrichment toy will then allow treats to fall out as your dog rolls the toy.

  1. Muffin tin toy

A simple game for those looking for a toy to work your dog’s mind. Grab a muffin tin and a pack of tennis balls. Put treats in a few of the muffin cups then place tennis balls in each of the cups. Your dog will then sniff out the treats whilst trying to figure out how to knock the balls out of place to reach them.

  1. Sock toy

Have a pair of thick old socks? Tie the first sock a few times until it forms a ball. Place the first sock inside the second sock, then tie a knot to keep it in place. Fold the excess of the second sock over itself so there are no loose ends. Soak the ball of socks in water before placing in the freezer. After an hour or two, check the socks are no longer dripping. If the socks are drip free, they are ready to give to your dog. This should keep them entertained for a few hours. This is a particularly good toy for teething pups. You can reuse this toy as many times as you like by rinsing, soaking and refreezing.

If you have a go at making any of these toys, we would love to see and hear how you got on. Email us at Hello@Buddies.co.uk or join the conversation beneath this post over on our Facebook page.

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