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Buddies Favourite Dog Movies


Buddies team member Becks recently went to see Wes Anderson’s new movie, ‘Isle of Dogs’ at the cinema. The next day, this sparked conversation of our all time favourite dog movie and famous dogs of the silver screen.

Becks caught up with the team to find out who or what their favourite is and why.

Buddies Favourite Dog MoviesColette – ‘UP! I just love Dug, his monologue is exactly how I imagine dogs to think. If someone in our house gets distracted one of us will always shout ‘squirrel’ at them. I think when a line from a film makes it into your household banter that’s a sign of a great character. Plus, his name is Dug, which is exactly how my Glaswegian dad used to say the word ‘dog’. ‘

Becks- ‘My all-time favourite dog-based move is the 1993 Disney classic, ‘Homeward Bound’. This is the story of family pets Shadow, Chance and Sassy who escape from a ranch and head from California to San Francisco to find their family. My favourite character is Chance the American Bulldog. A lovable fool who gets himself in to bother throughout the film. A fab movie for all ages, guaranteed to make you shed a tear (or transform into a blubbering mess like me!).’

Kerry – ‘Lassie’ every time!! I was mad on it growing up, I had the videos, the books, the posters. You name it, I had it.’

Andy – ‘Turner and Hooch’. I just love the character Hooch has and the chaos he causes.’

Gemma – ‘Marley and Me’! Even though it absolutely breaks my heart whenever I’ve watched it, I love it. It makes me reminisce about our old dogs who were put to sleep, and then having Mollie from a pup to now you can literally just relate throughout the whole film. If I had to pick a particular dog (not actually in a film though), Adam Sandler had a bulldog called Meatball who was his best man at his wedding and wore a doggy tux! And Meatball’s dad was in ‘Little Nicky’ with him.’

Leanne – ‘I love ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ I watched it just after getting Izzy and it made me cry. A really lovely concept. On the other hand, ‘The Fox and the Hound’ was the first film that ever made me cry – I was a child and have never watched it since.’

Kirsty – ‘My favourite film is ‘Hachi – A Dogs Tale’, it’s the saddest film ever and based on a true story.’

Natalia – ‘I always loved Toto from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ as a child. Adorable and so well trained! Growing up, I always wanted a little dog like Toto that would come everywhere with me and some ruby red slippers’

Michelle – ‘My all-time favourite is the original Disney animated version of ‘101 Dalmatians’. It was the 1st movie I saw at the cinema as a child.  But I have to agree with Andy, ‘Turner and Hooch’ is a great film too!’

Carl – ‘Not technically a dog movie, but ‘Babe’. A loveable little pig raised by sheepdogs, what’s not to love!’

Lorraine – ‘My favourite has to be ‘101 Dalmatians’. My favourite character has to be the chubby little pup ‘Rolly’ who is always hungry, and a little accident prone! I Can’t actually remember when I first saw it, but have lost count of the number of times I’ve seen it since. Always been a big Disney fan, and love the fact I passed this onto my daughter who also fell in love we this film, so much so we actually brought a Dalmatian when she was 4, Bailey will be 14 this August. My 30th birthday also featured the 101 Dalmatian theme, to my surprise my friends dressed me up as Cruella De Ville and they were all dressed in black & white spots…not quite 101 of them but we certainly created a fair bit of attention around the streets of Dublin!


What’s your favourite dog movie?

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