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Guilty Office Dogs

While the majority of our Office Dogs are simply adorable, and by looking at our photo’s you would assume butter wouldn’t melt…we can assure you, they are very good at getting up to no good.

I caught up with a few of our team members to find out their pups guilty stories.

Mollie –  Mollie has the cheekiest smile when she knows she has been up to no good. She is also very good at hiding it when she has done something naughty. Mollie is also partial to slipper stealing just like Elvis, however Mol doesn’t wait until they are off your feet! Head over to our Instagram page to watch the video.

Alfie – I spoke to Lorraine, who works in the buddies Accounts team, to find out if Alfie had any guilty dog stories. To my surprise, she assured me that he was always such a good boy and never got himself into trouble. Well… this was about to change. That very same night, whilst out walking with Lorraine and her daughter, Alfie decided to show he’s not such a goodie two shoes. He strolled up to Lorraine’s daughter, cocked his leg, and proceeded to pee on her shoes! Lorraine spent that evening scrubbing the shoes and finally admitted that Alfie was not the angel she believed him to be.

Elvis – When Elv’s mama Becks opened her new luminous green ‘Grinch’ slippers last Christmas morning, Elvis fell in love. Since that morning, he has carried the left slipper from room to room throughout the house to ensure it was never far from his side. Although Elv loved his slipper, he must have felt it needed a wash, as he decided to bury it amongst the white washing pile. Elvis was very happy with himself when his favourite slipper came out of the wash fresh, clean and smelling great. Becks was not so happy when she pulled out the white washing… which is now yellow / lime green. Ooops!

Maddie – Our youngest office dog Maddie is tiny, and she makes the most of her size. She has managed to find a ‘den’ at home that only she can access. When Maddie’s mum Natalia saw her disappear into her ‘den’ one day, she decided to inspect. It turns out Maddie is quite the little thief! The den was filled with toys, socks and even the TV remove which had been missing for days!

Darcy – Darcy loves a flat toy, so whenever she receives a new stuffed toy, she destroys them instantly, ripping the stuffing from the shell. Most dogs would lose interest after de-stuffing their toy, however Darcy will happily carry around the remains of her toys and play for hours. No stuffed toy is safe in Darcy’s household.

Although our office dogs are quite cheeky and mischievous, they are saints in comparison to some of the naughty pups featured in this article!

We would love to see your guilty dogs, so please do tag us in your photos and story’s, or send them to us at Hello@Buddies.co.uk.

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