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Elvis & Serge Attend a Dog Show

When Buddies team member Becks spotted a poster for a charity dog show, she thought it would be a great way for her shy dog Elvis, and her 11-week-old puppy, Serge, to socialise with a large number of dogs in one place.

Becks and her partner Matt ensured the boys were looking their best and had enough treats and snacks to get them through the day, then hit the road.

The show took place at ‘The Waterside Inn’, in Mount Sorrel, Leicestershire.

‘It was a bit of a grey day, so we weren’t expecting a huge turnout, however when we pulled up, we couldn’t believe the number of dogs that had turned up.’ Says Becks.

‘There was pretty much every breed you could imagine of all shapes, sizes and ages.’

‘You could enter your dog into 10 different classes, including ‘best smile’, ‘best sausage catcher’, ‘cutest puppy’ and more. Elvis was a little wary around all of the owners and dogs, so we decided to stick to one class, and entered Serge into the ‘cutest puppy’ competition.’ Adds Becks.

Whilst waiting for the judging to start, Matt and Becks wandered around the event, allowing Elv and Serge to meet the other attendees.

‘Serge was by far the smallest dog there, and probably the youngest, but he had no fear. He approached every dog within lead distance and would turn back to Elvis to check he was coming along too. Serge took a particular shine to a large Basset Hound and a beautiful Staffie named Belle.’

‘Whilst Elvis was a little cautious of the people and dogs around him, watching his little brother approach dogs with confidence certainly made Elvis feel a little braver. By the time judging started, Elvis was just as keen as Serge to enter the ring and play with the other dogs.’

30 puppies were entered into the ‘cutest puppy’ class, and judges took their time to meet each entrant, find out more about them and see any tricks they had learnt.

The judge then selected 6 finalists from the 30 entrants.

Among those 6 was our littlest office dog Serge!

We are super proud of our brave little office puppy who placed 2nd and won a big blue rosette.

‘The rosette is bigger than Serge! We are so impressed with how little Serge is working his magic and helping Elvis become a little braver.’ Says Becks.

Have your dogs been on any adventures lately? We would love to hear from you, email Hello@Buddies.co.uk.

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