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People love their pets, and many pet owners welcome their furry friends as a member of the family. However, doting on your pet can come with extra costs – one expense being the household’s energy bill. This is because, often on a daily basis, people leave lights, radios or TVs on. This is to try and provide pets with a sense of comfort, when left alone in the house.

However, pressing towards an eco-friendlier way of life is paramount and living with our pets is part of the bigger picture. Getting an energy survey done might be one of the first ways for you to assess where you are ‘losing’ energy, as well as your hard-earned money!

Energy solution companies assess systems such as lighting, heating and ventilation- all things that we are inclined to ‘over do’ for our pets. In addition to this, companies like Nexus Energy Solutions, highlight ‘benefits of a greener property,’ showing focus towards eco-conscious living. As well as providing you with an up-to-date EPC, this type of service can help you save energy in ways that you may not have considered or noticed yourself.

And if you’re worried that it’s your pet’s ‘contentment’ being compromised, then perhaps some of our solutions might cover things, too, as there are many ways to be eco-friendlier when it comes to your pet.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Eco Friendly DogPurchase Eco-Friendly Products

When it comes to purchasing products for your pet, try eco-friendly companies first. You can research online: products that are made from sustainable materials, like hemp and bamboo, are longer-lasting and better for the environment (as well as saving pennies in your pocket!) Ethical Pets and Dogs Adored are two of the most well-known online stockists for this type of product. It is also worth noting that most ‘mainstream’ pet shops will stock some eco-friendly alternatives: it’s just a case of looking.

‘Care’ for your Energy Bill

As we said before, pet owners often like to leave a ‘sound source’ on, such as the radio or a television. Whilst, yes, there may be comfort in this for canines, as a general rule of thumb it only seems to be necessary if your dog shows signs of separation anxiety. Also, it’s worth exploring the idea of a battery-powered or solar-powered radio, available on the eco-friendly market.

Your Pet is Probably Warm

Another area where pet owners lose energy efficiency is by leaving heating turned up ‘too high’ for pets. People worry that their pets are going to get cold, but pets do not require such a level of heating- especially with their furry coats! There’s no reason not to turn down the thermostat. On the opposite end of the spectrum, and on hot summer days, the inclination may be to leave on a ceiling fan (for example.) However, dogs and cats do not have sweat glands, so leaving this on is a waste of energy. You’re better off finding a cool, shady spot for your pet- and ensuring they have plenty of water to hydrate!

Pets Don’t Mind the Dark

As humans, we might not like the dark- but pets do not have the same emotions as us. We might leave lights on for our pets, but there’s no real benefit to the animal: they can see in the dark. If anything, you’re just more likely to confuse their sleeping patterns and increase your energy bill!

Buddies Pet Insurance - Eco Friendly DogThe Way Forward: Pets at Work

One significant solution- and a suggestion that would counter much of the above- is a ‘take your pet to work’ initiative. This would, of course, suit many people who leave their dogs for longer hours whilst at their employment.

There are growing examples of UK companies opening the office to ‘man’s best friend’, Buddies included. Research has reported many positives to the scheme- but from an energy perspective, it’s a way that would get you saving in your home, too.

Your Furry Pal’s Powers…

Even if your employer is unlikely to befriend your pooch just yet, there are certainly ways we can become more eco-conscious when it comes to the care of our pets. Whilst to us they are our beloved family members, we must also take a moment to remind ourselves that our pets have the powers of nature and instinct. We don’t need to pour out excessive energy usage on our fury pals.

A huge thank you to guest blogger Ella Hendrix for this blog.

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