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Doggy Dress-up

Here at Buddies, we love an office dog party, and what better excuse than Halloween!

Our office dogs get along really well, however due to the ‘office dog rota’ they tend to be like ships passing in the night. We wanted to go all out this Halloween and invite all dogs to our office Halloween party.

When looking at pet friendly products for our party, we of course stumbled across endless Halloween outfits for dogs.

We reached out to fancy dress experts, Rubies, to see what Halloween outfits are on the market.

Here are a few of our favourites.

For the shy dog

Dressing up isn’t for all dogs, these lightweight bat wings keep it simple. The office dogs weren’t best pleased that they were modelled by a cat though.

For the bold dog

The perfect outfit for the dog that isn’t afraid to be the centre of attention. This spider outfit is sure to make an entrance.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Rubies Pet Fancy Dress

For the comedic dog

If you have seen ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ you will know how funny this Minion outfit looks on a moving pup. We love it!

For the glamorous dog

What’s prettier and more glam than one of the original Disney Princesses? We think this Snow White outfit is super sweet.

For the team of dogs

At fancy dress parties, there’s always a group costume that rocks. Why should it be any different for dogs? Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael make up this ultimate dream team.

For the cute dog

How adorable is this? Now we know dogs are cute, but a dog in a teddy bear costume? Cuteness overload!

For the dog that missed the memo

There’s always one who either didn’t read the invite properly or wants to be a little different. Enter the snowman.

We loved checking out the costumes and accessories Rubies have to offer. They have a fab range of fancy dress for children and adults too, which got us super excited about Halloween.

Be sure to check our blog and social media pages Wednesday 31st October for updates from our office dog Halloween party! All of our office dogs will be rocking costumes from our friends at Rubies.

Don’t forget, playing “dress up” with your dog needs to be handled on an individual basis. Every dog is different, and some dogs that are fine wearing costumes one day may change their minds the next. If your dog shows signs of discomfort or distress, remove the costume. Also, be sure to monitor your dogs temperature, the extra layers and excitement could cause them to overheat.

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