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Buddies team member Becks recently welcomed tiny Jorkie, Serge, to her family. Although we are a dog friendly office, Becks wanted to ensure Serge was content being at home without his humans and occasionally even big brother Elvis.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Pet CamDogs react differently to being left alone. Some are fine, some get bored and some get anxious. The first few times office dog Elvis was alone, he chewed various skirting boards throughout the house. Becks eventually learned that this was due to boredom and began to leave Elvis with a chew toy that would last him a little while. It took a lot of trial and error and a few sneaky visits home to spy through the window to figure this out.

When Serge joined the family, Becks wanted to get him used to time without humans and find out how this would affect his behaviour.

The team in the office suggested some form of pet cam. This way, Becks could leave Serge home for a few short periods and watch to see how he reacted.

‘We looked at various devices on the internet and eventually found the EZVIZ, which was both reasonably priced and well-reviewed. This is small, device which sends a live feed direct to mobile phones and also records clips when motion is detected. We used the magnets provided to attache the camera to our radiator.’

‘I also discovered, after a day two of having the EZVIZ, that it has a two-way communication feature. This was discovered when my partners voice filled the room whilst I was home alone, sitting in silence reading a book. Safe to say I was spooked and less than impressed.’ Explains Becks.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Pet CamThe first day Serge was left alone, he was left with his bed, a ball, his teddy and a bowl of water.

Having a pet cam allowed Becks to see that when Serge was left alone, following a cry for around 2-3 minutes, he would seek something to chew. After 20 minutes or so of play, he would look for somewhere cosy to snooze and pull the cushion from his bed, so he could snuggle under it. He would sleep for around an hour, then wake up for a drink, at which point he would clumsily knock over his water bowl.

This enabled Becks to ensure that Serge had a selection of chew toys available, blankets to snuggle under, and a new water bowl that was spill proof.

‘Whilst we no longer need the EZVIZ, it’s handy to have, as when either of the dogs are feeling a little under the weather, we can check in on them throughout the day.’ Adds Becks.

There are lots of fabulous pet cams on the market. Have you tried any of them? Join the discussion over on our Facebook page.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Pet Cam

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