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Cat Behaviour

Cats are complex characters and are often fairly difficult to read. In this blog we take a look at some common cat behaviours and what they mean.

Rubbing – You may have noticed your cat rubbing their entire body, or forehead and cheeks against you. Many people would think that this is your cat’s way of showing you some (usually rare) affection. Wrong. This in fact, is your cat’s way of claiming ownership of you. When your cat nuzzles or rubs against you or objects within the home, they are depositing scents and marking their territory.

Scratching – When you spot your cat clawing away at your new rug or sofa, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking they are doing this just to be destructive little creatures. The actual reason they do this, is to maintain their claws and again, to transfer their scent and mark their territory. Cats are more likely to claw at an object that has a variety of scents such as a sofa used by all of the family, or guest’s shoes and bags.

Sprints – In the middle of the night, when you’re in a blissful slumber and a super comfortable position, dreaming away peacefully… THIS is the time your kitten or cat will choose to sprint like a maniac throughout the house. Again, they aren’t doing this to be a little horror, this is due to a lack of exercise and pent up energy. Many people forget that house cats, like dogs, require regular exercise.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Cat BehaviourSprawling – Ever wondered why your cat sits in the most unladylike positions with legs sprawled taking up the entire sofa? This is because they are content and comfortable. If your cat chooses to rest in this position, it shows the feel truly safe in their environment.

Hissing – Cats hiss to express anger and fear. If you want to avoid arms and potentially a face filled with claw marks, back off. A cat hissing is their way of expressing that they need space.

While the above mentioned behaviours are fairly common, we know that cats have their own personalities and quirks.

Does your cat have any unusual behaviours or characteristics? We want to hear about them, email us at Hello@Buddies.co.uk

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