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Canine First Aid

The Buddies team were recently asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to become an additional first-aider for the office. It was during this conversation that office dog Rudi ran full pelt into one of our coloured glass doors while playing.

As we are a dog friendly office, and always have at least one furry friend in the office, we figured it made sense to be prepared should any of our office dogs need first aid.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Dog First Aid - Blog graphicTeam member Becks spent some time researching canine first aid, and eventually came across www.dog-first-aid.com. The company offers ‘emergency Canine Care’ courses throughout the UK.

Each course trainer is taught by registered members of the ‘Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’. The course is mainly designed for those who work with dogs. For example, dog handlers, behaviourists, dog walkers, groomers etc. The course does however happily welcome all responsible dog owners.

We booked Becks onto the course (forgetting to tell her it clashed with England’s world cup match against Croatia, oops).

‘I arrived at the course venue, which was a church hall in a local village. Around 10 people sat waiting patiently for the course to begin. Whilst waiting for latecomers to arrive, I chatted to the other participants who came from a range of dog-based backgrounds such as dog walkers, search and rescue handlers, agility coaches and even two young ladies who will be heading to Uni in September to study Veterinary Nursing.’ Says Becks.

The course lasts around 3 and a half hours and covers a range of topics such as scene assessment, canine CPR, seizures, bleeds, heat stroke, road traffic injuries and much more.

‘While some aspects of human first aid cross over info canine first aid, there is so much additional information to learn. The course leader taught us some tell-tale signs and how to spot a variety of medical issues. I came away from the course feeling super educated and couldn’t wait to tell the team some of the weird and wonderful tips I had learnt’ Adds Becks.

While we feel it’s been beneficial to have staff attend the course, it’s important to remember that no matter how confident you feel following a first aid course, a professional should always be contacted. A vet should always be the first port of call. Basic first aid should be used to treat and triage until you can reach a vet.

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