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#BuddiesForeverFamilies – Ozzie

Meet friend of Buddies, Ozzie.

Little Ozzie belongs to Mollie, who works for Legal & General.

We caught up with Mollie to find out how little Ozzie beat the odds and joined his forever family.

‘Ozzie’s Mom was left in a bin bag and hung on the door handle of my Uncles Cattery.  She was out in the cold until my uncle discovered the bin bag when opening the cattery in the morning.

After inspecting her he realised that the now homeless cat was quite heavily pregnant. He had her checked by a local vet, who gave her the all clear. My uncle decided to keep her so that she would have a loving home to deliver her kittens.’ Explains Molly.

On the 27th August little Ozzie and his 4 brothers and sisters were born.

‘Unfortunately, his mom didn’t take to him, so my uncle intervened and put Ozzie in with another cat who had recently had kittens herself. Ozzie instantly became loved. After a few weeks, both the surrogate mum and her kittens were re-homed, and Ozzie was put back in with his momma and the rest of his siblings.’ Says Molly.

Molly first met Ozzie when her family visited her uncle and new baby cousin.

‘I instantly fell in love with this tiny kitten and his big blue eyes. I begged my parents to let us take him home and give him a life but unfortunately, they said no. I never gave up asking, and eventually they agreed to give him a home and he’s been with us ever since.

Every morning he gives us endless amounts of kisses and nose rubs and loves to curl up on our laps and fall asleep, with the occasional play on his scratch post.

We are absolutely thrilled that our little Ozzie cat was able to come to a loving home and get the life that he deserves, his Momma, brothers and sisters have all gone to loving homes with their new owners.’ Adds Molly.

We love hearing about pets finding their forever homes. If you have a story and would like to feature in a #BuddiesForeverFamilies blog, email us at Hello@Buddies.co.uk.


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