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Buddies Top 10 Dog Names

Long gone are the days of Fido, Rover and Buster. Dog owners are choosing more human names for their beloved fur-babies. In this blog, we reveal the top names registered with Buddies so far this year.

Choosing a name for your new addition is more difficult than you think. You have to be sure it suits the personality of your puppy and is also something you are happy to shout at the top of your lungs in public.

Topping the list for male dogs is Teddy, with Bella coming out top for female dogs.

The top ten list of registered names with Buddies so far this year is as follows…

Buddies Pet Insurance - Top Dog Names1. Teddy
2. Bella
3. Daisy
4. Rosie
5. Ruby
6. Alfie
7. Buddy
8. Poppy
9. Molly
10. Luna

Office dogs Molly and Buddy are pleased to hear their names are amongst the most popular. Has your dog’s name appeared in our top ten list?

We also asked our insurance team to tell us the most unique dog names they have come across.

  • Monie – How rude. Team member Kirsty rehomed office dog Monie earlier this year. Not sure where the name came from, but we like it and we love our little Monie-pops
  • Lapoo – definitely a unique name for this little Poodle
  • Cinderella Bella – What a fabulous name. Very well suited to a sassy little Pug
  • Daisy Buttercup – A bit of a mouth full if she decides to run of whilst out for walkies

And last but not least, one of our absolute favourites…

  • Princess Sparkling Snowflake – This is a firm favourite in the Buddies office.The name is in fact longer, but the team struggled to remember the final two names. This lucky pup had their name picked by the owners grandchildren. To avoid arguments, they let each grandchild submit a name. And, the owner had no intention of shortening it.

What is your dog called? Join the conversation below this post over on our Facebook page.

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