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Buddies Breeders – Corranroo

We recently caught up with Buddies Breeders Graham and Jacque of Corranroo, who own breed, show and judge both Irish Setters and their much less well-known ancestors, the Irish Red & White Setter (RW setters).

The RW Setter is considered by the kennel club to be a “vulnerable Breed” which means there are less than 100 puppies registered in a year.

The duo are located in Lincolnshire and currently run a small kennel on a plot of around 3 acres – so their pack have lots of space to work off their energy.

‘We have been involved in the world of showing for over 32 years now. Jacque’s mother also bred Irish Setters, so she has never been without them in her life. We bred our first litter of RW in 1997 followed by an Irish Litter in 1998. We obtained our first RW in 1988 and the rest, as they say, is history. We have continued to breed ever since.’.

‘As a Kennel it is fair to say that our reputation is built more upon the continuing and consistent success of our RW Setters for which we are known worldwide. We have exported as far away as Australia and currently have people from as far apart as Moscow to California waiting for future pups. Though not to say that our Irish Setters are second rate we currently have our Imported (from Sweden) dog Ture, who has recently gained his Show Champions title and not to forget our home bred Alice who has 2.RCC under her belt. We also have our soon to be mum Harper imported from Estonia and doing well in the Show ring.’ Says Graham.

‘We have bred RW Champions of Australia, the USA, Canada, Poland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, Estonia, Holland, Belgium and some we’ve probably forgotten plus many UK champions. This year our stock won both the Bitch CC and the Bitch RCC at Crufts.’

Graham and Jacque have been part of the buddies Breeder scheme for a few years now. ‘We first became aware of Buddies some years ago and after reading their material became convinced that, in the very competitive arena of pet insurance, their offer is very clear and comprehensive at an affordable price, so we have no hesitation in recommending it to all of our potential puppy owners.’ Adds Graham.

Graham gave us his top tips to share with those looking for a puppy.

‘Our advice to those seeking a puppy is to NEVER expect to go and collect a puppy on the strength of a phone call or an e mail or two. You need to visit a breeder and to build up a rapport with them; they need to trust you as you need to trust them. Do ask questions and please expect them to ask questions of you. Good breeders will be easily identifiable by depth of knowledge and ability to openly show you their dogs and premises,’ says Graham.

A huge thank you to Graham and Jacque for sharing their story and fabulous images.


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