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Sam Dawson - Buddies Breeder Club

Buddies Breeder – Sam Dawson

We recently caught up with Buddies Breeder Sam Dawson.

Sam, who is based in Nottinghamshire, has been breeding Beagles with her husband Stephen for ten years. Before Beagles, Sam and Stephen had been breeding Border Collies since 1992.

But why Beagles? ‘I remember meeting my first beagle when I was 5 and had wanted one since then. I kind of fell into breeding Border Collies by accident. When my last girl became too old to breed, I decided to fulfil my childhood dream and get a Beagle’. Says Sam.

Sam says the best things about Beagles are their cuddles and super soft ears.

‘There isn’t anything I dislike about the breed.  They are what they are, including their funny little ways (the ability to open doors and know exactly what the time is springs to mind)  – after all that’s what makes them beagles.’ Sam adds.

The Buddies team came up with a few questions to ask Sam…

What’s the best thing about being a breeder?  – ‘ Apart from the obvious cuddles with gorgeous puppies ? I would say the amazing friends we’ve made in our puppy buyers.’

What’s the worst thing about being a breeder? – ‘Probably filtering out prospective puppy owners. Also the constant worry about unscrupulous breeders who raise pups in appalling conditions.’

If you could have any other breed, what would it be? – ‘For a pedigree breed it would be an Australian Shepherd. If it was a cross breed it would have to be Cavapoos. I adore them.’

How many litters do you have per year? – ‘Just 1 or 2 litters a year.’

Do your dogs live in Kennels or your home? –  ‘We don’t kennel our dogs; they live in the house with us so we are limited as to how many we have.’

What are your greatest achievements? –  ‘We have been extremely lucky to achieve Best Puppy In Shows and Best In Shows at club Championship events. The icing on the cake was making up our lovely boy Randal to a UK champion.  My niece Kyra has now joined Stephen and I and she enjoys taking part in Young Kennel Club activities, with her young Beagle girl Charlotte.’

Sam has been a Buddies Breeder for 12 years now and we love catching up with her and Stephen. You can find out more about Sam and her beautiful dogs on her website – www.rundlebeagles.co.uk.

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