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Buddies Bonfire Night Tips

The staff here at Buddies know all too well how stressful Bonfire Night can be for our furry friends.

We asked the team for their top tips on how to ensure your fur-baby is as safe and as comfortable as possible during firework season.

Before –

Leanne – Check local display times. Izzy quite enjoys the fireworks and last year watched a local display from the bedroom window with a wagging tail. I’m not sure she would feel the same if we happened to be outside though. Check the times of local displays to ensure you’re not out walking or in the garden when they begin.

Becks – Check in with your neighbours. Elvis has never been particularly bothered by fireworks, but as this is Serge’s first bonfire night, I want to be sure it’s as stress free for them as possible. I live in a small village, which doesn’t have their own firework display, but I plan to ask our neighbours if they will be using fireworks. This way, I can plan ahead and perhaps take the boys to a friend’s house for the evening if my immediate neighbours are celebrating.

Abbie – Create a hideaway. Office dog Milo can be quite nervous at the best of times, and as I live close to the town centre, there is no escaping the fireworks. Each year I create a hideaway for Milo. The utility room has no windows and is a nice warm room for Milo to escape too. I will pop his bed in there along with a few of his favourite blankets and toys.

Gemma – Play firework videos. This will be Mac’s first bonfire night, so we have been playing videos on the TV, so he can see the flashes and familiarise himself with the noises. He is so confident though, he hasn’t been phased by them so far.

Emma – Go on a long walk. I plan to take Molly on a super long walk in the afternoon to make sure she is tired out before the local displays start.

Colette – Have an early dinner. Rudi can be a little sensitive with her food when anxious. We plan to have an early dinner to make sure she has a full meal before the neighbours start with their celebrations.


Lorraine – Close all doors and windows. Alfie has been known to make a run for it when a little scared, so make sure all doors are closed.

Natalia – Close curtains. Maddie and Darcy don’t tend to be bothered by the noises but are both reactive to lights. Closing the curtains and having the main lights on will help to distract them.

Jenny – Turn up the volume. Poppy and Rascal are a tad nervous and react to anything out of the ordinary. The curtains will be closed at our house and we tend to turn up the volume, and perhaps even pop the washing machine on to drown out the bangs and whizzes from the fireworks.

Agnes – New toys or games. Buddy loves to play and is easily distracted my new toys or puzzle games. We will be sure to have these on hand as a distraction if needed.

Gemma – Thunder vest. Before Molly passed, we would always use a ‘Thunder Jacket’ which is meant to help dogs with anxiety in certain situations. We swore by this and it really did help Molly.

Hopefully these tips will help make Bonfire night enjoyable for all of the family.

Do you have any tips we have missed? Let us know over on our Facebook page.

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