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Boredom Busters

For the few of our office dogs that don’t enjoy snoozing the day away, office life can be a little boring.

While the majority of our office dogs spend their day alternating between snoozing, playing in the toy box and doing the rounds for treats, a couple of our office dogs seem to have endless energy, and get a little bored with the same old toys.

We decided to hunt for an interactive toy that could entertain our energetic pups.

We came across the ‘BusterMat’.

The ‘BUSTER Activity Mat’ has 35 press-studs placed 35 cm apart. You can attach different tasks to the mat, most of them with varying levels of difficulty. The mat fits one or more tasks at the same time. The design allows for a number of combinations, so your dog will never be bored with the ‘Activity Mat’.

Our mat arrived with three starter activities…

The Envelope – This square envelope opens up, so you can pop in a couple of your dog’s favourite treats. You then fold the fabric over, and slot through the wooden stick. Your dog then works to remove the stick and open up the fabric flap to retrieve the treats.

The Water Lily – This square task has four pockets which each fold to the centre where they are fixed in place with Velcro. Your dog needs to pull the Velcro until the pockets can be lifted open, and then position themselves to retrieve the treats from the corners of the pockets.

The Cone Cloth – This task consists of a cloth napkin and elastic fixings. Treats can be placed in the centre of the cloth, then the cloth is gathered together and attached to the mat using the elastic fixings. Your dog is required to either pull the cloth free to retrieve the treats or undo the elastic fixings to release the cloth and treats.

Each of these tasks can be increased in difficulty dependent on the dog’s ability.

We also think this would be a great way to stimulate and exercise those dogs that are having limited walks due to injury.

Our office dogs absolutely love this mat and we will be sure to purchase additional tasks.

Do you have any boredom buster toys that work a treat? We would love to hear about them. Join the conversation over on our Facebook page.

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