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#BFF Bella

Meet friend of Buddies, Bella. We recently caught up with Bella’s Fur-mum Kirsty to find out how Bella found her forever family.

6-year-old Weimaraner Bella was living with Kirtsy’s sister in law when they first met.

‘My boyfriend and I were asked to look after his sister’s dogs (a Weimaraner and a Labrador). Whilst dog-sitting, my boyfriend was called into work, so I spent a good few hours alone with the dogs.

‘The Labrador was pregnant (she was due that week) and my sister in law had made the hard decision to try and rehome the Weimaraner (Bella). I spent some time with Bella, giving her lots of fuss and decided to video call my parents to explain Bella’s situation.’ Explains Kirtsy.

Bella charmed Kirsty’s parents, and before she knew it, she was in Kirsty’s boyfriend’s little car on her way back to their home.

‘Since then, Bella has helped me lose 2 stone, help with the grief of losing my pony and just generally brought joy back into my life again.

I found out early on that Bella is very food motivated, so I was able to teach her a full trick routine.  She now knows sit, paws, beg, weave, conga, play dead, jump, under and bow. She just loves to show off and is so different when she’s showing compared to at home.’ Says Kirsty.

‘We are her 4th home in 3 years and we are definitely her forever home.’ Adds Kirsty.

We love hearing about pets finding their forever homes. If you have a story and would like to feature in a #BuddiesForeverFamilies blog, email us at Hello@Buddies.co.uk.

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