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A Day In The Life Of… An Animal Agent

We recently caught up with Layla Flaherty, Company Director of Urban Paws UK, which is an animal talent and casting agency.

Glamorous business woman Layla has been a friend of Buddies for some time and never fails to impress us with the talent on her books.

We wanted to learn a little more about what Layla and her staff get up to, so the Buddies team came up with some questions for her.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Animal Agent - Urban PawsWhat does a standard day entail for you?

‘Most days are spent sorting through applications from animal owners and prospective talent. This means looking through images and showreels to see if the applicant has what it takes to be added to the Urban Paws team. We will also look through job enquiries and try to pair the right animal with the right client.’

What is the best bit about the job?

‘Each day is different. We never know what animals or jobs will be coming our way.’

What’s the worst bit about the job?

‘Saying ‘no’ to applicants., I hate to be the bearer of bad news.’

What highlight, or achievement stands out most to you?

‘We recently worked with Gucci and Harry Styles on a new campaign which was super exciting. We have also worked alongside other huge companies such as Aldi, Disney and many more.’

Buddies Pet Insurance - Animal Agent - Urban PawsAny tips for getting your animal into showbusiness?

‘Animals are increasingly used for marketing and advertising purposes. Every animal you see on TV, magazines and lifestyle shots is a professional pet model or actor.’

‘There isn’t one specific type of pet that’s particularly in demand over any others & your animal doesn’t need to be a certain breed to be an animal star. Mixed breeds are in high demand for pet modelling, as are pedigrees. Indeed, many different types of pets are popular for different kinds of work & that’s why we accept most well-trained pets to offer our clients.’

‘All animals on our books must have at least basic obedience skills. The more well trained your pet is, the better the jobs will be.’


If you think your pet has what it takes to be a star, find out more about Urban Paws and how to become a member here.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Animal Agent - Urban PawsBuddies Pet Insurance - Animal Agent - Urban PawsBuddies Pet Insurance - Animal Agent - Urban Paws

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