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A Day In The Life Of… A Professional Dog Walker

We recently caught up with the lovely Ellie, who is a professional dog walker based in Nottinghamshire.

Ellie filled us in on what happens during a day in the life of a dog walker.

Day to day

‘My normal working day starts at around 10:00am, where I complete any pet feeds I have booked in (I offer house visits for small pet feeds i.e. cats/rabbits/guinea pigs), and then my walks run hourly until 4pm, with up to 3 dogs on each walk. I have to manage my time well and plan my routes to save time, and tailor them to the dog’s needs! Knowing which dogs get along, and what they need from there walk is very important. My walks finish at around 4pm but my day does not end there, I put a lot of time into my social media accounts and website – sharing photos of my day and any offers we are running. I also send each owner a “pup-date” letting them know what times their dog was out that day and how they were (including a photo). I love my job!’

Best bit about the job

‘I am in complete control and have so much flexibility. I love each of the dogs I walk as if they were my own and am lucky enough to have a real bond with them – especially the ones I have helped care for since they were 9 weeks old.’

Worst bit about the job

‘There is very little I dislike about my job but the constant cycle of muddy (paw prints) and wet (from the rain) clothes is never ending. I also hate having to turn down business, I would walk all dogs in all locations if I could.’

Ellie’s tips for walking your dog

‘As well as the dogs I walk as part of my business, I also have my own dog who I love walking. But this was not always the case – he used to be very difficult to walk, lots of pulling and misbehaving! If your dog pulls I could not recommend a face Halti more. They are so effective at stopping pulling, and do not hurt the dog in any way. I would also recommend letting your dog off the lead as soon as possible, instil good habits from a young age. If you are worried about doing this at first, find an enclosed outdoor tennis court where you can practice recall without the fear of a run-away dog.’

You can find out more about Ellie and the services she offers here –

Paws & More – Dog Walking and Pet Services

Paws & More Nottingham – Dog Walking & Pet Services

Huge thank you to Ellie for sharing her story.


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